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Thins You Should Know About Navicular Disease Treatment
The word navicular is a trigger to any horse owner. This is because it’s a disease that causes lameness in horses. The navicular bone found in horses haves inflammation that may cause a horse to be disabled. Therefore, if you are suspecting that your horse has the same issue, it is advisable that you take it to veterinarian for a check-up. They will conduct a diagnosis and a necessary treatment can be carried out. When conducting the diagnosis, an MRI can be used to diagnose. It might find more than one problem which can be intimidating. Knowing the issues may help the horse before they become more severe. Although the diseases is termed to be incurable, something can be done to prevent total disability. There are different kind of treatment that can be used to treat navicular disease. One of the main one is rest. If you were riding a horse for long, you can be advised to let it rest. Other horses will get their hood balanced. Some will prefer getting shoes for their horses, hence allowing them to walk easily without having to struggle on making steps.
To treat the navicular disorder, you will require a specialist how have dealt with same issue before. It can be a veterinarian or an individual who specializes on treating the disorder. For the sale of the horse wellness, it is vital that you choose an individual who is good at what he or she does to ensure that the case is rectified and that the horse can walk well without having to struggle. Therefore, there are some factors that you must have in mind when choosing a navicular disease.
One, you should make sure that the individual is experienced. This means that they have dealt with horses that have experienced the same issue before. They must have worked on the horses and the horses that were treated are still in a better condition. Therefore, make sure that you consult with people who own horses that suffered the same fate. If they are positive about the specialist you should go ahead to hire the individual. On the other hand, if the navicular disease specialist has been in service for a long time, you can be assured that he or she has dealt with many cases. He or she has also seen the challenges that are involved when dealing with disorder and therefore, your case will not be any different.
Make sure that the expert has the right treatment. Since there are different kind of treatments that can be used for this disorder. Make sure that you choose that which you are comfortable with. Ensure that the treatment is meant to better the life of your horse and not to make it worse. The treatment must have worked for other horses and you must see proof that they are doing better. If the horse will be on medication, be sure that the horse is doing better after the treatment begins. If not, you can look for another specialist. Make sure that the expert treats the horse with kindness.

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