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Benefits of Using Fertilizer to Plants

Agriculture is among the many industries that people have chosen to invest in. Different parts of the world are favorable to different types of crops. This is because of climate and weather differences across the globe. Some farmers plant crops for sale while others do it for food production and consumption. Farming is also done in both a small and large scale. When planting various crops, fertilizer is needed. Different crops attract different types of fertilizers as per their component. Farmers need to know how beneficial it is to use fertilizers and manure when it comes to planting crops. Some of the advantages of using fertilizers are explained below.

The first merit of using fertilizer in your farm is that it boosts production. The Soil itself has some natural nutrients that plants need. However, plants need additional nutrients that are found in fertilizers. These nutrients help the plants produce more and the end harvest becomes plenty. Increased production is beneficial to farmers as they can sell more in the market and keep some percentage of the harvest for themselves. Many people love when they have plentiful harvest and good quality end product of various crops and food items.

Secondly, fertilizer support plant growth at a higher rate. Plants take some time for them to germinate and grow before production. When farmers apply fertilizer at various stages of plant growth, it increases the speed at which plants grow. Weeds usually slow plant growth as they take away important nutrients from the plant such as carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. Fertilizer brings back these powerful nutrients to plants helping them germinate faster and at a higher rate. When it rains, it goes well with fertilizer application as it helps these vital nutrients from fertilizer dissolve and can be easily taken by plants. It is very farmer’s dream for their crop to grow fast and healthy.

The third advantage of using fertilizers in farming is that it is less bulky. Fertilizers packed in sacks of various quantities. These avoid it being heavy and bulky to move around with. As compared to manure, it is easy to divide fertilizer into small portions when planting. It is also easy to distribute across the farm hence farmers do not get tired easily. Manure is heavy and very bulky when being used. This is because it still has a lot of moisture that has built up in the process of making it.

The fourth merit of using fertilizer is that it is nutrient specific. Plants have different nutrient needs. Some plants want more Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon, and others. This makes it easier when buying fertilizer as you find the one that specifically adds Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphorus, and others. It helps save on cost and time. Your type of crop will determine which type of fertilizer to go for. This makes it easier for farmers to handle their crops and increase productivity. To conclude, fertilizers have played a major role when it comes to agriculture. It has benefited farmers in a major way hence we have a continuous flow of food in our markets. To know more on its benefits, you can go through eh passage above.

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